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Our team thinks a lot about more sustainable event planning and management or “green events”.

This is because events have a significant impact – in environmental and other terms that needs to be addressed for our future.

Just imagine if your event had little or no environmental impact !

You would set a great example for your colleagues, family and friends and as a company you can use the fact for your PR or just to do the right thing.

Organic, free range, vegetarian and vegan food & beverage options are just one step on this journey.

Shared event travel, renewable energy sources and mindful waste management are some others.

Green events

Our team can help you reach a greater sustainability of your event by

  • Analysing the impact
  • Improving the sustainability as much as possible
  • Off-setting the remaining impact that cannot be reduced further with a number of measures

To CO2-offset your event you can choose between selected local & international projects that you can follow closely.

We offer a certification service and can help your PR.

Talk to us about greener event options.